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Happy National Yell ‘Fudge’ At the Cobras in North America Day!

fudge at cobraHello!

This is… an interesting holiday to say the least. Again, some digging came in handy when I was just a little bewildered with this bizarre event! Did you know that according to urban legend, fudge makes cobras gag? Whoever came to this conclusion is slightly suspect, but whatever works, right?  Apparently cobras hate chocolate  so much that just the mere mention of it will keep them out of your hair. I’m a little late today because everyone is supposed to yell ‘fudge’ exactly at noon, local time, but I’m not too worried about the dire consequences. I’m not sure I’ve even ever seen a cobra, except perhaps at the zoo (?), so I think we’re safe – just another reason that I love calling the Willamette Valley my home. So get out there at yell at those cobras and send them south of the Panama Canal where they belong!


P.s. This post is dedication, right here! I threw 2 benedryl down the hatch about an hour ago and anyone who has ever had to swallow those little buggers can sympathize with me.. My phalanges are lead! Typing this is taking much more effort than imagined, so you better really enjoy this holiday and my commitment to my followers! ; )


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