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Happy National College Colors Day!

national college colors dayHello!

Portland State happens to be the largest public university in the state by a mile but it’s far from well-known. That seems like a paradox, you might suggest, but it happens to be sucked into a dark pit of apathy stemming mainly from the city and overall attitude that it’s nestled in. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty apathetic about my school too but it actually seems like being an active participant in the usual ‘college’ activities at PSU is out of the ordinary. Pretty sad, actually. While most other colleges or universities are in ‘college towns’ we are plopped right in the middle of hustling, bustling downtown Portland where no one knows your name or cares to. We don’t own our own stadiums, of any kind as far as I know, and that cuts out the biggest amount of buzz that could be generated because no one cheers for us. I’m not a sports fan anyway but there’s no way I’m going to go to a 20 person tailgater and then watch our team lose in an empty stadium. The dorms, which usually signify the place to experience the real ‘college experience’ are far from it with dead hallways, bolted doors, and an extreme lack of connection. Greek life parties? Forget it – with a dismal Greek community and no houses there isn’t anything going on; or if there is, most people aren’t inclined to go. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things that I do really like about my school but they are almost entirely tied into ‘school’ not ‘atmosphere’; aka. academics. I have some incredibly talented peers who inspire me, amazing faculty who have stretched me (with some bad apples thrown in, like anywhere else), and there have been a lot of opportunities that I’m pleased to have experienced. However, you won’t see me repping my one free PSU shirt and lanyard very often. I’ll get my degree, snag a rewarding job in my field, and move on in life thinking fondly of some memories but probably not hooting about my alma mater. Do I own a pair of viking horns, you ask? I’ll stop you right there.


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Happy International Amateur Radio Day!


Did you know that PSU has a radio station? To be perfectly honest I haven’t ever listened to it but I do know that one exists and that’s half the battle, right? Check out the KPSU schedule and turn it on to end the silence! I always have some sound going on. The clicking of my keyboard alone is just too much to bear so I always have some background noise. It rotates between Netflix and Spotify, depending on the amount of work I actually have to get done. I love speed watching shows so I’m already in Season 7 of The Office and I started it a week ago… It’s my third run of it but I’m still in love. Whenever I’m awake, Netflix is on. I suppose just for today I could turn on the radio instead, but I think I’m far too invested in the usual Office antics to stop, I’m basically addicted. Happy holidays everyone and get into some amateur radio today! Actually, fun fact – the couple who lived in our house before us had a HAM radio station and there was a huge pole in our front yard where he had the radio tower! I didn’t even know people could dabble in radio because it seems like such a far off concept; however, I guess people also think that musicians just ‘know’ what to play and that the conductors are only there for show so it just proves that every hobby is a little different and unless you’re trained and invested in it, it can seem a little impossible.


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Happy National Find a Rainbow Day!


Today’s holiday finalized my sneaking suspicion about the perfect way to sum up this blog project – it’s basically a ginormous scavenger hunt. Find a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, find a pencil, find a creme donut, find you fiance and kiss them, find a rainbow! One summer in high school I organized a huge photo scavenger hunt for my friends and I and we had to take ridiculous pictures of us doing things or posing with certain objects. This is the exact same thing!! Luckily this isn’t a race or doesn’t fall under a time limit – I never can seem to win those things. Every fun activity like that that I’ve participated in kicked my butt. Like, I’ll think we’re just racing through it and then we reach the finish line and realize all the other teams have been there for half an hour. I suppose this does kind of have a time limit, like get it done before the day is out, but sometimes they sneak in after midnight so that isn’t even totally true, haha! It’s always a fun experience and even though this is just a little sticker on a window, I did find my rainbow – on a cloudy day to boot!


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Happy National ‘She’s Funny That Way’ Day!

shes funny that wayHello!

Alrighty – day 1 of Spring Term down! I survived nearly entirely unscathed and have now proved to myself that there was nothing to fear. Although the presence of devious April Fools jokes tomorrow may actually warrant fear. I try not to be gullible but some of those things I just can’t help but fall for. Speaking of tomorrow…. that will make 1 full year that I’ve maintained my blog and kept everyone updated with my daily musings and crazy holiday celebrations. I know that I have definitely grabbed some readers along the way but some of you have stuck with me from the beginning. I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me with this long adventure and everyone needs to give Eric a big round of applause for suffering through my constant ‘wait, we can’t go yet – I forgot to do my blog!’ scrambles. Even that may not be enough. A virtual bouquet and chocolate box might get me a little closer.

I have to be totally honest and say that keeping up with this has not always been ‘fun’. Some days just didn’t seem to even warrant a response from me and when life crashed in this tended to get pushed to the outside… But somehow it’s stuck with me and I actually finished it out. Buuuut I’m not done yet! Don’t stop reading! I’m not leading up to a tearful goodbye or anything (the opposite actually); It’s time for round 2!! Why would I do that to myself? Keep it going? Celebrate again? I thought you only signed yourself up for 365 days!? Well, first off it was a leap year, so that already wasn’t true… And, you know, I’m funny that way.


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Happy National Pencil Day!


I can’t believe spring term starts tomorrow. I’m just… not ready. Like, at all. Mom and Eric are probably pulling into Albany about now and I already miss them! Although it is comforting to know that Eric and I are now 10 weeks away from being done with 2 years of long distance, about 4 1/2 months out from the wedding, and I’m 2 days away from 1 whole year on this blog project. That’s a lot of good numbers to look forward to. I just gotta put my game face on tomorrow and power through. This term might be my busiest, although it’s the least number of credits I’ve taken in a while, just because none of my classes are worth anything! I mean, sentimentally and academically they’re worth a lot (and time wise they are worth a lot) but credit-wise they’re garbage. Music classes are just all 1 or 2 credit classes so we can fit so much on paper and then I have so much oboe stuff that I’m not even registered for but am playing in for the experience. That’s the game we play, though – right? Somehow I always get it done, though; this term will be no exception. Pack up your pencils, boys and girls – tomorrow we march off to battle… again.


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Happy National Spring Fairy Fun Day!


Today is our ‘fun time’ of the ‘tour’ in ‘Seattle’. Just kidding, most of those statements didn’t need to be questioned… I’ll let you decide which one actually does. While everyone was being fun college students and partying or having a good time I was very much asleep! My mumsy trained me since birth that 9 PM is my bed time and I still basically stick to that principal. Last night it was stretched all the way up to 10:30 but I will have none of that “I didn’t get to sleep until after 3 AM” business! Nuh uh – I have cells to regenerate!


This morning’s breakfast at the hotel is one of the nicest continental breakfasts I’ve seen. Real food? Wow! I’m sure my Seattle food adventures this morning will be more fun but I’m not sure I’ll have wifi so I have to do this now. Why don’t I have one of those fancy internet cards? I should look into that. In any case, enjoy the photo of my food and perhaps you’ll get something more interesting if you check in again tomorrow. Oh, and I’m sure you’re wondering who that guy is back at the top of the page: that’s Sam, my incredibly unenthused spring fairy! He didn’t want to play holiday mascot, but does he really have a choice? No! Happy holidays everybody and have a fairy fun day!


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Happy National Kiss Your Fiancée Day!


I’m done! It’s over! Finals were smashed into submission under my knowledgeable fist! Now onto spring break, right? Oh, wait… No. Nope, not yet. The PSU Wind Symphony is going on tour today and tomorrow up to Seattle to play at some high schools for recruiting. Last night we had a concert an hour away and tonight we leave for the overnight portion of our journey. Looking forward to it because we get to explore Seattle tomorrow but it definitely comes at a cost. Unfortunately I’m much too far away from Eric to kiss my fiancé today (long distance suuuucks) and I have to miss out on Cassie’s rehearsal dinner tomorrow night. If I miss my mark and screw up her wedding on Saturday it’s Dr. Higgins to blame! Enjoy your holidays and someone go give Eric a kiss for me – preferably a kind old lady and not a ‘hot young thang’!


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