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Happy National Pony Express Day!

national pony express dayHello!

I know that technically the pony express was the beginning of a transcontinental communication system but how am I supposed to celebrate that today? Obviously this mail delivery system is a little bit archaic in the modern world and equally obsolete so there’s no way I could just hop on over to the pony post and snap a photo with a delivery steed. Tricky, huh? Well, that’s the nature of this blog – there are just a few wacky holidays that throw themselves in here and, in turn, throw me for a loop. That’s when I find myself a loophole. So I may not be able to celebrate with the pony express but I can celebrate with some plain old ponies! The annual trip to the fair with G&G always ensures a visit to the horse barn where we snack on some majorly greasy curly fries and enjoy some really talented horse riding and showmanship. Ponies – check, express? – not quite. Oh, well – that will work for today. See you tomorrow for more holiday fun!


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Happy National Indianapolis 500 Day!


Eric and I are back from the Nazarene camp ‘adventure’. Definitely not much of an adventure at all but we were glad that we went and got to spend some time with some cool people. “That’s God’s country.”

Since I’m the driver between the two of us I was behind the wheel for quite a while yesterday and today. I really enjoy driving and I especially enjoy driving scenic routes but after a while it’s kind of tiring and boring. You can see how well my co-pilot was doing to entertain me in the photo. We also snapped this beautiful shot out the front and it shows how tempting it was to just floor it and sail down a solitary country road. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending how you look at it, I followed the speed limit, for the most part, and all of the cops and sheriffs that we passed along the way had nothing to do with us. We did go speeding pretty quickly down this straight hill but I can promise we were no where near Indie500 racing speeds. I’m too much of a chicken and afraid of punishment! It was a lovely drive nonetheless and we made pretty good time coming back home. Next up is a major nap session because we’re wiped out. Eric sat down on the couch, closed his eyes, and was out like a light. So much for needing a shower and a drink of water – apparently they can wait. Sitting in a car just has a way of sucking the energy out of you but at least Oregon is beautiful! Happy holidays!


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Happy National No Socks Day!


And so the weather turns sour on us once again… Sigh. The spring weather that got our hopes up just last week is now just a figment of our memories, or imaginations, and now we’re back to the same old thing. You know how in really hot climates people say it’s hard to breathe because the air is so dry that it seems to suck all the moisture out of you with each breath? Well, the air today is so saturated that it’s like breathing in a cloud. The air just feels dense and heavy, as if there’s an invisible fog. With puddles at every corner and the incessant drizzle that just won’t end, I know from experience that socks and a pair of well-sealing tennis shoes are the only way to go. The rest of you living it up in the sun, sand, and surf can waltz around in sandals but I’m just too much of a realist to get in on this one. Yesterday, when it actually was mildly pleasant, I showed off my pedicure and wore some cute summer sandals but ended up back in my trusty kicks by the end of the day. Oregon is a beautiful, lush, and green but that water has to come from somewhere, and that means compromise. Even the hippies wear socks with their Birkenstocks here!


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Happy Earth Day!

photo (1)Hello!

Welcome to Earth Day! Aka, Armageddon in Portland. I always try to kind of sketch out my blog during the day while I’m dozing off in class so that I have a head start on the creative process (although I forget most of it anyway) and as I was walking back from my observation time at a local high school I took a lovely picture of the green, lush park blocks and thought about how I would mention the beauty of Oregon’s landscape and how we need to preserve it… And then things took a turn for the worse. Our oboe chamber group was practicing and all of a sudden it got super dark and the sky was just thrashing rain down onto those poor trees in the park blocks that I mentioned previously. It was nuts! … And sudden too. By the time I left to walk home for a quick break half of the sky had cleared up, leaving this amazing spectacle on the slower side. Really crazy, huh? The Earth is a magical place and we need to take care of it so that these little harmless phenomena are as bad as it gets.

I’m also feeling a little under the weather, although under this weird weather right now I’m not sure where that phrase leaves me. I think Eric passed along his cold with our quick Easter meeting this past weekend or something because my throat feels like it’s swelling shut and I’m swallowing fiery daggers – not fun! What with so much going on right now (opera 7-11 every night after a full day of classes) I can’t exactly stay home and sleep. I can, however, drink tea with honey (6 parts honey to 1 part tea of course) and suck on cough drops all day. I’ll make it through but I can’t promise it will be pretty.


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Happy National Purple Day!


Purple isn’t exactly my natural shade but I have plenty of purple sweaters. This combo is actually from my mumsy’s closet, however, because – why not? One of the perks of having a cute, hip mom is getting to pick out (and then steal) her clothes.

I can’t believe how amazingly stormy and wicked it is outside. It’s ‘spring’ break and the skies have opened up like crazy while the wind has taken to a bit of pruning. Seriously gross, saddening weather… Oh well. Just a reason to stay inside and work more, I guess. Always working!


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Happy National Bachelor’s Day!



This cute little bachelor is off the market ladies! Technically he doesn’t have a ring on it, yet, but that doesn’t mean he has free reign. Of course he spent his day of freedom with me, like a gentleman. : )

We had a really great Portland day today and I let a little bit of my ‘money scrooge’ self go away and we splurged on city fun. We started our day off with some amazing donuts at Blue Star Donuts aka. Donuts for Grownups. I actually found out about them on a Food Network Channel donut episode and then realized they’re only a 20 minute walk away! Blueberry bourbon basil, crème brulée, and hard apple cider fritter were great choices! donutsNothing disappointed and we’re thinking about going back tomorrow morning before he catches the bus home. Then we had a gnarly concoction of tater tots, cheese, and country gravy at a really interesting bar/diner/hang-out place called The Roxy. Definitely not my scene but Eric enjoyed it quite a bit. Ryker, Eric’s long-time friend, happened to be in PDX today so we met up with him, helped him find a burrito from a food cart, and had a lovely walk around the Oregon Historical Society Museum. Coffee at the Park Avenue Cafe and then we sent him off on the MAX. It really is one of the first times that I’ve explored Portland and tried some new stuff. I know I still haven’t really left downtown but I don’t feel like I need to because there’s so much stuff even in this small, dense area. Plus, I can’t afford to do this any more than on just very special occasions! Mini-golfing with Lindsey and David tonight to top it all off. Today’s your day bachelors – so make the most of it being wild and free or spend it with some special lady instead if that’s more your idea of a good time.


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Happy International Mountain Day!



I snapped this photo off the freeway last year getting back into Portland and I’m sure it looks about the same today. It really is beautiful though. The beauty of the Earth and the creation story, or evolutionary tale as some would prefer, really blow my mind. It’s amazing beyond amazing and we’re blessed to live here. *pause for reflection*

I’m ready to get my three finals out of the way today so I only have to worry about two more. Then I can finally relax! Oh, wait, that’s what I’ve been doing since Friday! But actually, with the exception of my high school yoga PE class I haven’t ever lied down and listened to those relaxing, calming visualization ‘tapes’ that are so popular. Well, I found this website www.SunriseGuidedVisualizations.com and they have two free samples I’ve been listening to while I write this. Even with just half of my brain paying attention I already feel my heart rate has slowed and the woman’s voice is so soft and calm… It’s refreshing actually to not have to think at all and just be still – more so if I was following the directions! Now I’m renewed and ready to go. The slogan says, “Feel better today!” and I do! Let’s ace these finals!


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