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Happy National US Bowling League Day!

national US bowling league dayHello!

Bowling seems to have gone slightly out of favor in lieu of more techy entertainment but there’s something about putting on some shared clown shoes and chucking a heavy ball down a slippery lane that feels nostalgic and fun. It’s the best when you get a group together and have that perfect mix of people who care far too much about knocking down pins and others who care far too little to even try. Somehow those two people often get the closest scores and I have a feeling that there’s a little bit more luck to it than the winners would like to let on. I signed up for a bowling league in my youth and was given many pointers about how many steps to take, which way to angle my hips, the force with which I should throw the ball, and exactly what little arrow I should be aiming for but it really didn’t improve my game. I was far from competitive at the time and today my scores vary from gutter ball queen to surprising strike and spare master. It all depends on what the ball is going to do for me and a short time in a league sure wasn’t going to change that. Despite the lack of improvement it was a good memory – yet another failed attempt at sports in my childhood; participation awards for the ‘win’! Happy holidays!


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