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Happy National Great Bathtub Race Day!


Man, today flew right by! I honestly can’t believe that the sun has set and I didn’t get a single moment to just relax! Today we were tasked with the job of prepping for the big move up to Portland, together this time, and that meant that we first had to go through all of our wedding presents and sort out the duplicates for returns while also stuffing everything that we own into boxes. Target’s registry system had been down for weeks before the wedding and guests couldn’t mark what they had purchased so let’s just say a lot of our friends shop in very similar patterns. Three matching aqua oven mitts, three Settler’s of Cataan, two duplicate oversized wall clocks… Lots to return, unfortunately. Eric had to go to work in the middle of the process – I told him that four hours would be far from enough time to get everything squared away – and ten hours later I’m back home and finally getting around to racing some bathtubs. At least the spare room is manageable and we’re all prepped and ready for the move next weekend. One major stress checked off of the list! However, I do not have the energy to participate in the great bathtub race today… We’ll have to just watch this Olivia person that I found on YouTube enjoy the celebration for me. Happy holidays!


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Happy National Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day!

happy national particularly preposterous packaging dayHello!

Welcome to our spare room, or what’s left of it. This has always been the exchange student room with a twin bed, small dresser, and just enough space for a suitcase and a hamper to squeeze in too. Currently, though, I would say it’s dressed in some particularly preposterous packaging. Rather than re-wallpaper we’ve just decided to cover the walls with boxes and piles of presents! I, in my ultimate organizer fashion, have managed to stack it in such a way that we can still close the door with no cave ins but heaven knows it’s coming. In fact, part of me wanted to dig out the big yoga ball that I had at my desk in Portland but I know I’m better off just buying a new one because there’s no way that I’m going to find it in the current state. Literally our entire apartment is squeezed in this 6×5 room. Does it look like a room, though? The short answer is no. Luckily I can dedicate it to the holiday! I hope that everyone celebrates along with me and smiles at something, anything, in particularly preposterous packaging!


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Happy National Upsy Daisy Day!

upsy daisyHello!

Today we’re on our way back up to Portland in the monster truck so that we can grab the last bit of stuff and turn in the keys to my apartment. It’s a little bit of a pain that the building is making me move out before finals week but I don’t really want to pay another month’s rent and not live there, so we’re making it work. I feel like my life’s a little upside down and tossed around right now because my room is an absolute disaster at home and I have so much to do in preparation for final tests and the usual Fiverr orders that need to be delivered but I’m kind of running around like a chicken with my head cut off. We didn’t go to church this morning to get started on this instead an mom said, “Cute dress, but are you dressed for church?” “Nope, I just can’t find any pants.” The mess is actually kind of unbearable. I don’t really want to tackle it yet but I know if I want to dress like a human being tomorrow I’ll need to. Also finding my homework in the piles would be a good idea too. When life gets a little flipped around you have to just say, “upsy daisy!” and turn things right side up again. Happy holidays!


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