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Happy National US Bowling League Day!

national US bowling league dayHello!

Bowling seems to have gone slightly out of favor in lieu of more techy entertainment but there’s something about putting on some shared clown shoes and chucking a heavy ball down a slippery lane that feels nostalgic and fun. It’s the best when you get a group together and have that perfect mix of people who care far too much about knocking down pins and others who care far too little to even try. Somehow those two people often get the closest scores and I have a feeling that there’s a little bit more luck to it than the winners would like to let on. I signed up for a bowling league in my youth and was given many pointers about how many steps to take, which way to angle my hips, the force with which I should throw the ball, and exactly what little arrow I should be aiming for but it really didn’t improve my game. I was far from competitive at the time and today my scores vary from gutter ball queen to surprising strike and spare master. It all depends on what the ball is going to do for me and a short time in a league sure wasn’t going to change that. Despite the lack of improvement it was a good memory – yet another failed attempt at sports in my childhood; participation awards for the ‘win’! Happy holidays!


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Happy Day Off!


You would think that with the wedding festivities completed and school still a month away I would have so much free time and I might actually be getting a little bored but that is just absolutely not the case. Granted, I’m still not up before 10 AM but when I’m showered and awake I really am completely focused on finishing off my ever-growing checklist. I’ve been slacking on my writing queue and the blog, see yesterday’s post, and it’s time for a day off. Thank goodness that the holiday curse is with me once again! My life molds so perfectly to this silly project so it seems whenever I’m in dire need of a day off I get one and whenever I have a can of chili in my cupboard it just so happens to be National Chili Day. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Happy holidays to everyone, in lieu of a formal event. I’ll be back and refreshed to get back to the celebrations tomorrow!


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Happy National Great Bathtub Race Day!


Man, today flew right by! I honestly can’t believe that the sun has set and I didn’t get a single moment to just relax! Today we were tasked with the job of prepping for the big move up to Portland, together this time, and that meant that we first had to go through all of our wedding presents and sort out the duplicates for returns while also stuffing everything that we own into boxes. Target’s registry system had been down for weeks before the wedding and guests couldn’t mark what they had purchased so let’s just say a lot of our friends shop in very similar patterns. Three matching aqua oven mitts, three Settler’s of Cataan, two duplicate oversized wall clocks… Lots to return, unfortunately. Eric had to go to work in the middle of the process – I told him that four hours would be far from enough time to get everything squared away – and ten hours later I’m back home and finally getting around to racing some bathtubs. At least the spare room is manageable and we’re all prepped and ready for the move next weekend. One major stress checked off of the list! However, I do not have the energy to participate in the great bathtub race today… We’ll have to just watch this Olivia person that I found on YouTube enjoy the celebration for me. Happy holidays!


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Happy National Pony Express Day!

national pony express dayHello!

I know that technically the pony express was the beginning of a transcontinental communication system but how am I supposed to celebrate that today? Obviously this mail delivery system is a little bit archaic in the modern world and equally obsolete so there’s no way I could just hop on over to the pony post and snap a photo with a delivery steed. Tricky, huh? Well, that’s the nature of this blog – there are just a few wacky holidays that throw themselves in here and, in turn, throw me for a loop. That’s when I find myself a loophole. So I may not be able to celebrate with the pony express but I can celebrate with some plain old ponies! The annual trip to the fair with G&G always ensures a visit to the horse barn where we snack on some majorly greasy curly fries and enjoy some really talented horse riding and showmanship. Ponies – check, express? – not quite. Oh, well – that will work for today. See you tomorrow for more holiday fun!


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Happy National Bacon Day!

bacon bowlHello!

My family isn’t huge on gadgets – we didn’t even have a pizza cutter or ice cream scoop growing up – so I never completely understood the point of filling up a kitchen with tiny little cheap appliances that say they’ll do more than they actually do. Granted, I do now believe that a pizza wheel is worth having – not totally sold on the scoop. There is one gadget, however, that I do know that I need right now: the bacon bowl. This is ‘As Seen on TV’ genius that combines today’s nationally celebrated salty meat, everything else that you should be eating in lieu of bacon, and the ability to have finger food for any meal of the day. I can’t applaud this dynamite mix of ultimate laziness, novelty, and innovative thinking enough. I say that the only true way to celebrate National Bacon Day is to eat enough of it that it becomes a utensil. Happy holidays!


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Happy National College Colors Day!

national college colors dayHello!

Portland State happens to be the largest public university in the state by a mile but it’s far from well-known. That seems like a paradox, you might suggest, but it happens to be sucked into a dark pit of apathy stemming mainly from the city and overall attitude that it’s nestled in. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty apathetic about my school too but it actually seems like being an active participant in the usual ‘college’ activities at PSU is out of the ordinary. Pretty sad, actually. While most other colleges or universities are in ‘college towns’ we are plopped right in the middle of hustling, bustling downtown Portland where no one knows your name or cares to. We don’t own our own stadiums, of any kind as far as I know, and that cuts out the biggest amount of buzz that could be generated because no one cheers for us. I’m not a sports fan anyway but there’s no way I’m going to go to a 20 person tailgater and then watch our team lose in an empty stadium. The dorms, which usually signify the place to experience the real ‘college experience’ are far from it with dead hallways, bolted doors, and an extreme lack of connection. Greek life parties? Forget it – with a dismal Greek community and no houses there isn’t anything going on; or if there is, most people aren’t inclined to go. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things that I do really like about my school but they are almost entirely tied into ‘school’ not ‘atmosphere’; aka. academics. I have some incredibly talented peers who inspire me, amazing faculty who have stretched me (with some bad apples thrown in, like anywhere else), and there have been a lot of opportunities that I’m pleased to have experienced. However, you won’t see me repping my one free PSU shirt and lanyard very often. I’ll get my degree, snag a rewarding job in my field, and move on in life thinking fondly of some memories but probably not hooting about my alma mater. Do I own a pair of viking horns, you ask? I’ll stop you right there.


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Happy National Crackers Over the Keyboard Day!

crackers over the keyboard dayHello!

I don’t know about you but my poor lappy is used to this kind of torture on a daily basis. For as much time as she and I spend together you would think that I would show a little more love but trust me she’s seen her fair share of tomato soup spills, chip crumbs, cookie crumbles, and sour gummy worm sugar. I try to be good and keep my eating space and work space separate but sometimes there just isn’t enough time to actually separate the two! When it comes down to it you gotta do what you gotta do. Like in this instance when I’m scrambling to finish up work for the day (the Fiverr server is apparently down so that makes work a little more difficult) before a barbecue with friends and also trying to snack on some crackers so that I don’t starve in the meantime. Get a little messy today and don’t be afraid to eat those crackers over your keyboard! Happy holidays!


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