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Happy National Bacon Day!

bacon bowlHello!

My family isn’t huge on gadgets – we didn’t even have a pizza cutter or ice cream scoop growing up – so I never completely understood the point of filling up a kitchen with tiny little cheap appliances that say they’ll do more than they actually do. Granted, I do now believe that a pizza wheel is worth having – not totally sold on the scoop. There is one gadget, however, that I do know that I need right now: the bacon bowl. This is ‘As Seen on TV’ genius that combines today’s nationally celebrated salty meat, everything else that you should be eating in lieu of bacon, and the ability to have finger food for any meal of the day. I can’t applaud this dynamite mix of ultimate laziness, novelty, and innovative thinking enough. I say that the only true way to celebrate National Bacon Day is to eat enough of it that it becomes a utensil. Happy holidays!


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Happy National Flitch Day



Yes, you read that right: Flitch. Not flinch, not twitch, not fetch, not flit (as in to flit and float). What is a flitch, you might ask? Well, it’s a side of cured, salted pork – so basically bacon. As interesting as that new word is, there’s a more interesting tradition that goes along with it!

As far back as 1104 in Dunmow Priory, England monks offered a flitch to any married couple that proves they have been happy and faithful for a year and a day after their wedding. A very interesting way to encourage happy marriages, I suppose. Here’s some more interesting information that is worth copying straight in!

“The court is held in a marquee erected on Talberds Ley especially for the occasion and couples (claimants) married for at least a year and a day come from far and wide to try and claim the Flitch. It is not a competition between the couples. All couples could be successful in their claim, which is vigorously defended by Counsel employed on behalf of the Donors of the Bacon, whose job it is to test their evidence and to try and persuade the Jury not to grant them the Flitch.”

“Successful couples are then carried shoulder high by bearers (humble folk) in the ancient Flitch Chair to the Market Place where they take the oath (similar to pre-Reformation marriage vows) kneeling on pointed stones. Unsuccessful couples have to walk behind the empty chair to the Market Place, consoled with a prize of gammon.”

When I’ve been married for a year and a day I am definitely going to track down this flitch competition and plead my case because I want a free side of bacon and a free ride on the shoulders of the humble folk through town!


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