Happy National Crackers Over the Keyboard Day!

crackers over the keyboard dayHello!

I don’t know about you but my poor lappy is used to this kind of torture on a daily basis. For as much time as she and I spend together you would think that I would show a little more love but trust me she’s seen her fair share of tomato soup spills, chip crumbs, cookie crumbles, and sour gummy worm sugar. I try to be good and keep my eating space and work space separate but sometimes there just isn’t enough time to actually separate the two! When it comes down to it you gotta do what you gotta do. Like in this instance when I’m scrambling to finish up work for the day (the Fiverr server is apparently down so that makes work a little more difficult) before a barbecue with friends and also trying to snack on some crackers so that I don’t starve in the meantime. Get a little messy today and don’t be afraid to eat those crackers over your keyboard! Happy holidays!


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Happy National Tug of War Day!

happy national tug of war dayHello!

My pup is being a stinker again today! Eric refused to play tug of war with me and this one just stares at me like I’m crazy when I try to incite a game with her. She doesn’t have any rope toys, making tug of war a little more difficult, but many a time have I fought over her precious water bottle for control. I figured today we could enjoy a little bit of playtime in celebration but she wasn’t in the spirit. I suppose even this failed attempt was better than a bout against myself? That would have been a little sad… Happy holidays!


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Happy National Dog Day!

happy national dog dayHello!

We’re back to reality now and all of the pleasant relaxing on the honeymoon has immediately turned back into work for the both of us. Eric’s back at the Shell station, I’m writing away feverishly, and the blog is back up and running! Although I’ve gotten quite a few welcome back texts and phone calls there was one member that wasn’t excited to welcome me back! This stinker is so busy snoozing and acting coy that she won’t even give me a proper hug! She can pretend but I know that she was wimpering and snuggling in my bed the day before the wedding like she knew that something big was coming up. Now that I’m a married woman she just couldn’t care less; happy National Dog Day nonetheless! I hope that all of your pals give you a little more love than mine!


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Happy National Celebration Blow-Out!


The time has officially come! I’m taking a brief blogging break to focus on the wedding and honeymoon without any distractions and although getting the blog done every single day has become a really normal routine it does take a bit of time that I’m just not willing to give up in the near future. I don’t want to leave you all too unprepared so we’re throwing a holiday blow-out bash on the blog today so that you can celebrate everything while I’m away! Don’t worry, it’s just a brief recess and I’ll be back on August 26 like clockwork, or at least that’s the plan!

(8/11) Happy National Presidential Joke Day! I did actually vote for Obama and I still think that he’s doing the best he can right now with the political gridlock and extreme separation between parties. However, I have no problem telling a presidential joke. Here’s one of my favorite harmless one-liners from a quick internet search: “What’s Michelle Obama’s favorite vegetable? Barackoli!”

(8/12) Happy National Sewing Machine Day! Here we are with my mum’s trusty sewing machine. Although I do need a little bit of help each time, I do know how to thread the needle and sew just a little bit so it’s not completely foreign to me. However, I’m beyond far from being a seamstress. Maybe this holiday is a good reason to get it back out and practice some more?

(8/13) Happy National Lefthander’s Day! I’m a righty and I’m proud of it! We drive on the right side of the road and I use my dominate, right hand. Sounds right to me! – But I guess those oddball lefties have to stick together, right?

(8/14) Happy National Navajo Code Talkers Day! Looks like it’s time for the annual showing of Wind Talkers with our favorite actor Nic Cage! Not the worst movie in the world but I wouldn’t recommend watching it unless it’s in the holiday spirit.

(8/15) Happy National Relaxation Day! Ahhhh, it’s the day before the wedding so it’s only fitting that I should be reminded to relax and enjoy the process. While we’re scrambling to set up tables and no one can find my veil I need to sit in the shade, toss some cucumbers over my eyes, and put my feet up. Maybe you’ll have to relax for me?

(8/16) Happy World Honey Bee Day! It’s so funny how the holiday curse is always following me! Today is the big day of the wedding and we’ll just hope and pray that the honey bees mind their own business because there is actually a big wild hive in the oak tree that we’re getting married in front of. Romantic, right? Well – they’re nearly an endangered species and they help pollinate the fields and flowers so we can’t move them, kill them, or smoke them. Hopefully none will fly up my dress!

(8/17) Happy National Thrift Shop Day! We’ll be back at the house for the afternoon unwrapping wedding presents with the grandmas and prepping thank-you cards to write on the plane. Although we won’t have time to thrift it up then you can be sure that’s where we’ll be headed to get all of the extra things that we don’t have squared away for the new apartment after we get back!

(8/18) Happy National Serendipity Day! You can bet we’re in luck and happy beyond belief while we’re screaming our heads off on Disney roller coasters and basking in the Florida sun. Meeting Micky Mouse, lounging by the pool, and eating amazing food – oh yeah, lots of serendipity for us!

(8/19) Happy National Aviation Day! Aren’t planes so cool? The physics behind flying continues to baffle me and although it probably won’t ever happen I think that it would be cool to get my pilot’s license and fly myself around. Even airports and security don’t bother me too much because I’m busy being excited about where I’m going!

(8/20) Happy National Radio Day! I love driving because I get to listen to the radio and NPR is always my favorite station. I definitely will be too busy to listen to the radio on the honeymoon but hopefully you can just turn yours on and celebrate for me!

(8/21) Happy National Spumoni Day! Spumoni, according to my quick Google search, is a molded Italian ice cream with different colors and flavors that usually include candied fruits and nuts. Perhaps I can find this Italian treat in the world section of Epcot? We may just have to make plans to eat at an Italian restaurant this night!

(8/22) Happy National Be An Angel Day! It can be hard to be an angel, trust me – I do try, but today we might all have to try a little harder. I aim to let a big, rowdy family of kids with a tired mom cut in front of me in line, tip a little higher than my minimum for an extra thoughtful cast member, and avoid my usual snappy responses to Eric when I get tired or frustrated. What will you do to be an angel?

(8/23) Happy National Day For the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition Day! Alrighty, it has officially been remembered!

(8/24) Happy National Go Topless Day! This day, our last day in Disney, is chalked full of fun holidays as it’s also National Pluto Demoted Day, Vesuvius Day, National Waffle Day, National Knife Day, and National Wayzgoose Day. Although I absolutely will not go topless through a major tourism hub I may try to remember to use a knife at dinner in celebration!

(8/25) Happy National Kiss and Make Up Day! If you’ve rubbed your partner the wrong way or been kind of a jerk the last few days, refusing to go topless maybe, you can take this opportunity to kiss and make up! While we’re traveling home I’m sure I will get a little testy and irritated coming back to reality and trying to make our connecting flights and late night travel home. It’s a good thing that we can kiss and make up! Yay for happy holidays!


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Happy National S’mores Day!

happy national smores dayHello!

Today has been, and will continue to be, the laziest of days; the calm before the storm. There’s really not much left to do for the wedding at this point so we’ve all just claimed a couch to lounge on and are playing around on our phones, listening to music, or typing up a blog in my case. For a midday snack I opted for some a toasted marshmallow s’mores treat and you can see the candid, frantic blow-out when I got a little too close to the flames. Don’t worry though, this is not my first rodeo with a kabob skewer, a frozen marshmallow, and a gas burner. You could say I’m a pro. Now that snack time is over I think it’s time for a good ol’ Nazarene nap! Happy holidays!


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Happy National Garage Sale Day!

happy national garage sale day albany oregon hoop jamHello!

With the school year fast approaching these neon yard sale signs are literally on every corner, in bunches. However, we didn’t have time to get to any of them in celebration because were tied up volunteering for the Hoop Jam event by the Boys and Girls Club! I was a terrible basketball player when I did the experimental rounds of sports in elementary school so I was far from wanting to play in hoop jam myself. Without sporty friends I also never had a reason to spectate so with the exception of passing player t-shirts in the school hallway I had never even really thought about the event. Our church stepped up this year to help out the Boys and Girls Club and a bunch of us took over the registration process. We got the process down super fast and got everyone checked in and ready for their bracket games without too much fuss. It’s actually a gigantic event and I had no idea how cool the whole set-up is! In case you weren’t hoop jamming it up with me I hope  that you got to see some garage sale action and score some sweet finds! Happy holidays to all!


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Happy National Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day!

happy national sneak some zucchini onto your neighbor's porch dayhappy national sneak some zucchini onto your neighbor's porch dayHello!

This is one of my favorite, most memorable holidays from last year and I was super excited to see it roll around once again! The original holiday was inaugurated by a man with a garden which was totally overrun with tubular green monsters. He didn’t know what to do with them all so he started sneaking extra zucchini onto his neighbor’s porches in the dead of night. Can you imagine being ‘that zucchini guy’? I suppose I did sign my calling card though, so now I sort of am. Last year I hit my neighbor to the north and today my neighbor to the south is getting some baby zucchini for dinner. Technically this isn’t a holiday it’s a holinight but I’m not one to hide behind the shroud of nightfall. Sneaking around in broad daylight is just so much more exciting! Sneak some zucchini onto your neighbor’s porch and celebrate along with me! Happy holidays!


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