Happy National Crackers Over the Keyboard Day!

crackers over the keyboard dayHello!

I don’t know about you but my poor lappy is used to this kind of torture on a daily basis. For as much time as she and I spend together you would think that I would show a little more love but trust me she’s seen her fair share of tomato soup spills, chip crumbs, cookie crumbles, and sour gummy worm sugar. I try to be good and keep my eating space and work space separate but sometimes there just isn’t enough time to actually separate the two! When it comes down to it you gotta do what you gotta do. Like in this instance when I’m scrambling to finish up work for the day (the Fiverr server is apparently down so that makes work a little more difficult) before a barbecue with friends and also trying to snack on some crackers so that I don’t starve in the meantime. Get a little messy today and don’t be afraid to eat those crackers over your keyboard! Happy holidays!


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