Happy National Dog Day!

happy national dog dayHello!

We’re back to reality now and all of the pleasant relaxing on the honeymoon has immediately turned back into work for the both of us. Eric’s back at the Shell station, I’m writing away feverishly, and the blog is back up and running! Although I’ve gotten quite a few welcome back texts and phone calls there was one member that wasn’t excited to welcome me back! This stinker is so busy snoozing and acting coy that she won’t even give me a proper hug! She can pretend but I know that she was wimpering and snuggling in my bed the day before the wedding like she knew that something big was coming up. Now that I’m a married woman she just couldn’t care less; happy National Dog Day nonetheless! I hope that all of your pals give you a little more love than mine!


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One response to “Happy National Dog Day!

  1. Molly

    Well thank goodness our dogs didn’t know we “forgot” National Dog Day. But they did get a walk in the forest and some greenies for a treat yesterday. Not bad for a dog’s life.

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