Happy National Garage Sale Day!

happy national garage sale day albany oregon hoop jamHello!

With the school year fast approaching these neon yard sale signs are literally on every corner, in bunches. However, we didn’t have time to get to any of them in celebration because were tied up volunteering for the Hoop Jam event by the Boys and Girls Club! I was a terrible basketball player when I did the experimental rounds of sports in elementary school so I was far from wanting to play in hoop jam myself. Without sporty friends I also never had a reason to spectate so with the exception of passing player t-shirts in the school hallway I had never even really thought about the event. Our church stepped up this year to help out the Boys and Girls Club and a bunch of us took over the registration process. We got the process down super fast and got everyone checked in and ready for their bracket games without too much fuss. It’s actually a gigantic event and I had no idea how cool the whole set-up is! In case you weren’t hoop jamming it up with me I hope  that you got to see some garage sale action and score some sweet finds! Happy holidays to all!


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