Happy National Rootbeer Float Day!

happy national rootbeer float dayHello!

Our French friends Marion and Glenn don’t have rootbeer in France so I was very excited to be able to share this fun treat with them today in honor of national celebration. They do have KFC but A&W is nowhere to be found. The restaurant actually was doing a promotion for today only so that everyone can come in and get a free small rootbeer float during the afternoon but we didn’t want to wait the 15 minutes for 2 PM to roll around and how better to celebrate an American icon than with an iconic monster-sized American styrofoam cup! Let’s just say I have yet to finish my own and I will be downing melted rootbeer-icecream water throughout the afternoon. Stop by for a free rootbeer float and celebrate along with me!


IMG_4935P.S. Build-a-Head makes the best, coolest big head cutouts! I got a set of them and an ornament to surprise Eric and they’re absolutely hilarious! They ship the next day and are totally custom. We’re even going to use them as directions on the side of the road to the wedding!

4_discs_plus_018pkP.S. Charm Accents is a sweet little Etsy shop that makes personalized, hand stamped jewelry for all occasions. They make thoughtful gifts as well as a beautiful trinket for yourself!

IMG_0364P.S. 25 Catholic Mormon 26 is a new book out on pre-order that shares the commonalities between all faiths. Reading through this faith journey may just inspire your own! Like the author on FB and subscribe!

P.S. You can take control of your financial future with opportunities through the Empower Network. Check out what they have to offer and start living today.


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