Happy National Night Out!


This annual, fun event is popular across the United States as a way to bring communities together against crime and to get to know your neighbors. Our weekly Tuesday night barbecues in the summer happen to land on this National Night Out holiday which is super lucky for me. It’s always a good time on our new church property to meet some people who live in the area while the kids jump around and play and we all enjoy a good, easy meal together. With my mom’s famous blueberry cobbler in tow it’s sure to be good food. I’m very excited to bring Glenn and Marion along too, our Frenchies made it here on the plane safe and sound last night, and they’ll get to have a true American barbecue on their first full day here! Very fun night and an awesome holiday that the nation can celebrate together. Happy holidays!


IMG_4935P.S. Build-a-Head makes the best, coolest big head cutouts! I got a set of them and an ornament to surprise Eric and they’re absolutely hilarious! They ship the next day and are totally custom. We’re even going to use them as directions on the side of the road to the wedding!

P.S. Lyfit is like Uber but more unique! Click the link to get a $25 credit as a new user with the promo code JEFF10915 and the referrer gets $15, $7.50 of which will be donated to cancer research. Get the app on your phone too for ultimate accessibility!

P.S. Aly’s Interior Boutique specializes in accessories for your home and life. The items are totally unique and make a perfect treat for yourself or a gift for a friend. Dress your home and yourself at Aly’s!

P.S. Leggy Horse is lighting up on social media! Learn about the newest home decor trends and find new, favorite products to love. Watch on Youtube, like on Facebook, and follow on Twitter!

BETOLLI_7P.S. Betolli is a 3D shirt designer where you can design your own shirt for your taste and size. They’re custom made online and it’s the best for YOU only. Men, women, and children can design their favorite shirts online. Like them on Facebook!


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