Happy National Watermelon Day!

happy national watermelon dayHello!

Yesterday one of my best friends got married and is now Mrs. I headed off for a honeymoon in tropical paradise. As of late I was a bridesmaid tasked with running around to help with everything so there’s no doubt that the blog posts have been a little shorter and sweeter. Lucky for me they’ve been super easy food holidays that are totally accessible. (I know that’s a perk for everyone else too who doesn’t want to commit to a super wacky holiday!) Now that her wedding over and mine is officially less than two weeks away I definitely can’t promise that they’re getting any longer or savorier, haha! In fact, the blog will be taking a little recess for the big day because there’s no way that my laptop is following me to Disney World. So keep your eyes out for a holiday blowout spectacular to get everyone prepped and ready for my time away!

Today, in the meantime, is all about the watermelon. That smooshy, gooshy, oh-so-refreshing, and just slightly crunchy fruit is the perfect summer delight! Off to wedding plan and finalize with the caterer now – I hope that everyone makes a point to enjoy all of the little holidays!


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