Happy National Cheesecake Day!

photo (8)Hello!

Oh so much cheesecake! In fact, this photo has so much cheesecake that’s the photo’s just a little blurry, you can’t capture all of this delicious flavor! I’m not eating it today, though. I know that I usually try to celebrate everything and revel in the delicious, fattening holidays but I’m trying really really hard to be good for the next two weeks before the wedding. I’ve convinced Eric that we need to hop on this juice trend and the plan is to replace two meals with juice and then have whatever the heck we want for the third. So far, in the two and a half days we’ve been on this, we’ve totally caved twice, but juice intake has improved so that is progress! Right now I’m sipping on raspberry/apple/lemon/celery/spinach while drooling over that cheesecake photo. My Florida bikini will thank me, right? I hope so! I seriously have the worst willpower in the world. Eat lots of cheesecake for me today and celebrate!


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