Happy National Milk Chocolate Day!

milk chocolateHello!

This morning Eric and I ran over to Walmart to explore the candy aisle and snap this photo in celebration. I had to take my car in to have an inspection for my check-engine light and basically got a $50 car wash to have them tell me that there was nothing wrong with it except I need a replacement gas cap – great. I guess at least I got some holiday time scheduled early into my day? As the wedding draws nearer and nearer I feel my purse getting lighter and lighter and this annoying cost just adds to the list… Ugh! Well, that’s the way it goes right? Pray for some extra work on Fiverr for me before I take time off for the honeymoon and I’ll munch on some milk chocolate to cope and celebrate. Happy holidays!


mylittlepetdragoncoverfullP.S. The picture book My Little Pet Dragon is an eBook on Kindle Unlimited. It’s the perfect bedtime story for any young children and it features 30+ pages of incredible artwork! Like and follow on Facebook and Twitter!

foodtweeksP.S. Hunger Action Month is coming up soon so get ready! There’s a free mobile app coming out, Foodtweeks, so share  #calories4good to double the donation to food banks and share it on social media!

P.S. Fast Locksmith is a family-run mobile locksmith that can help with car, home, office, and safe services! Call 571-316-2602 for help and find their app Fast Locksmith D in the Google Store!

P.S. Birdwin is a spunky, funky, super cool art site where you can buy prints of original art to hang on your favorite walls or printed coffee mugs out of which you can drink the coolest coffee.

I_love_beingP.S. Younqiue makes the amazing Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes! Host a party and receive free or half-off products andwork from home as a presenter. You receive $400 for only $99 without an auto-ship obligation!


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