Happy National Barbie in a Blender Day!

barbie in a blenderHello!

Today is totally full of fun, spunky holidays to celebrate! Last year I played around with National Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day and this year we’re switching it up to spend time with some barbies in blenders. It’s supposed to be a statement of free speech, or free culture, and although it’s intended to be a little edgy I just think it’s sort of funny. I’m definitely not on the edgy side of things, as you can see, so I tossed my special edition Barbie in, box and all. It’s unplugged, though, don’t worry. People keep convincing me that all of the childhood toys I hold onto are going to be worth something some day but I’m a little skeptical. Maybe the worth of Fruit Kayla would mean more in a minute of hilarity than a dusty thrift store down the road? Eh, I’ll give the future pay out a little bit more of a chance… Happy holidays – go blend some barbies!


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One response to “Happy National Barbie in a Blender Day!

  1. Molly

    Hmmm Barbie in a Blender. I sold my Barbie (wig barbie) many years ago… along with my Ken and Skipper dolls… before Internet (yes that long ago!). I remember getting $400+ for the dolls from a collector. A quick search showed they may not bring that price currently. I suggested my son hold on to his Star Wars figures… who knows….

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