Happy National Dance Day!

dance1 dance2Hello!

I am not a dancer! I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s super fun and I am totally in awe of anyone who can actually look graceful when they move themselves in a dance-y way, but I am not a dancer. Something about my long limbs and innate inflexibility make for a tragic combination and the sight of me dancing is just embarrassing. You should be thanking God that I didn’t provide a video! Nope, all you get are still shots today and that should show my weirdness clear as day. The worst thing is, I used to think that I was kind of graceful. I would mimic my dancer friends and do pliés down the hall and bust a bold move at high school dances and then the flip phone came into existence and proved that I should stop. Of course, as much as I believe that no one is really tone deaf and that everyone has some innate musical spark in them that might need a little coaching, I also should, in turn, believe that everyone has a little bit of grace in them and ability to dance; however, I know my dancing talent needs a lot of coaxing before it’ll come out and play. Blast some tunes, get groovy, and bust a move along with me – celebrate because every day is a holiday!


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