Happy National Drive-Thru Day!

drive-thru dayHello!

Ahhh, the drive-thru: the ultimate level of laziness. Not only will I not prepare said food item myself but I also refuse to get out of my car or walk inside and I require the fastest level of service that you offer. Basically, bow down before me. I’ve been pretty lucky in my life to stay away from the McDonald’s drive-thru window headset but my first job, at a pizza place, did have a drive up option. Man, that was the job from hell. It takes 5 minutes to cook a pizza, 7 if you have to make it too, and the people wanted their pizza in about 30 seconds. Perception and reality didn’t quite match up! That’s the beauty of the drive-thru though, it only works if everything is super super fast; and yet somehow we always say, “ugh – the drive-thru is too slow” and then veer our car into that lane. It’s ingrained in us so much now that even coffee shops, which used to be known for their ambiance and charm, now chuck drinks at us in the driver seat. You know what, though? I think I’m okay with it – 20 ounce hot chai with extra chai coming right up!


LG_TequilaHerradura_nationalP.S. It’s also National Tequila Day! However you celebrate, make sure that you don’t forget about the food. Loteria Grill has a passion for recreating the best regional Mexican specialties in Los Angeles and it’s a great place to celebrate.

P.S. Youth Arts Foundation has provided important, alternative opportunities for the declining arts and music education fields for nearly 25 years and they have just launched a new website and Facebook page to make exploration, enrollment, and support easier!

Cover_Promo_Handbook_copyP.S. The Handbook for Healing Heartbreak is an easy read that uncovers the hidden beliefs that women hold, causing them to fall back into painful patterns in their love lives. Join the journey to healing and click the link to get a free chapter.

Avitar_300_x_300P.S. Lady Linda’s Loft sells quality vintage, contemporary, unique, and unusual items including jewelry, figurines, lingerie, serving pieces, dining sets, and more! Find everything you’re looking for at Linda’s!

familyP.S. This family suffered 30 years of abuse and now needs your help finding sustainable housing now that they’ve escaped. Purchase the mother’s eBooks or donate to the fund to support their journey.

P.S. Don’t slack off this summer – keep your brain active with Mehta Prep Academy! Use this free time to prep for the SAT and enjoy the personalized attention that you can only find at Mehta Prep. E-mail MehtaPrep@gmail.com or call 570-909-6992 to get a free brochure!

P.S. Recording artist Boom Boom has released the new album, Run Away, which is available on iTunes and Amazon. The title song Run Away was recorded in guest production with the Diaz Brothers and this music offers a fresh, new perspective on dance music!

P.S. Nanny Hannah is a free professional nanny agency which strives to find quality care for your little ones. Sign up for the service on the website, like them on Facebook, and find them on Twitter @HannahtheNanny.


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