Happy National Ice Cream Day!

ice creamHello!

There is no denying that this is my very favorite holiday!! An entire day to commemorate the most swoon-worthy food in the universe? Sure, I say that my mom’s caesar salad is my favorite food but that’s only so that I can cover up the fact that I’m a true fatty at heart. I’m going to be brutally honest here and even tell you that I just licked, yes licked, a big drip of ice cream off of my table instead of grabbing a napkin because I didn’t want to waste the drop. … That’s bad news for my bridal gown! Luckily, I’ve always been slim and my metabolism has kept up with me pretty well. We’ll see where I am in a month with all of these food holidays demanding my attention!

Don’t worry, I’m not actually double fisting it tonight for celebration, the small one is for mums. I felt like a Blizzard was the perfect way to celebrate because it’s the best way to get a delicious concoction of all of the best toppings in one place. Whether you’re a Ben & Jerry’s pint fan, hand-scooped waffle cone eater, or are trying to make fro-yo pass as the real thing, let’s just get together and celebrate one of the best food inventions of all time. Happy holidays!


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