Happy National Toss Away the ‘Could Haves’ and the ‘Should Haves’ Day!

should have could haveHello!

Today we’re living in the present with our sights set on the future! This holiday is about letting go of the fears that we hold when we worry about the way that life could have turned out. I figure that you can either look at life with a million possible timelines, worrying about which path you’ve chosen and comparing it to the better options that you’ve missed out on, or you can be thankful, appreciative, and proud of the life that you actually are living, disappointments and all. We can’t change the past but heaven knows that we have a lot of control over the future. Now, don’t read that sentence and seize up, be liberated by it! No matter what happens, life moves forward. If you choose to turn right then it doesn’t matter what might have come with a turn to the left.

This afternoon I’m off to a party with my high school besties and this holiday reminds me to cool it over a constant debate that I’ve been having recently. People change and friends grow apart but some are here to stay. Whether you should have fought for some or let others go far sooner isn’t important; rather, we need to cling to the ones that we have today and enjoy every moment in their presence. Life goes fast and we have to try to keep up with it… the extra baggage isn’t helping anybody! Toss it out and enjoy this peppy holiday with me!


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