Happy National Get To Know Your Customers Day!


If I haven’t said this enough, I work online at Fiverr.com! I’m a top rated seller and I have had the wonderful opportunity to sell my services in almost 40% of countries around the world with nearly 2,000 orders in the last 10 months. Wowza! Honestly, never in my wildest dreams did I think that I could make this work and create a full time job for myself that is totally flexible around my intense school schedule. In addition the money that I’m able to make it’s also just a huge blessing to be able to work with people around the world and see different tasks lined up for me each day. Sure, I’ve run into a couple bad apples that make me grind my teeth but they’re really just a drop in the bucket. Sure, I don’t know my return customers much beyond their usernames and the types of orders that they place but I do light up a little bit when I see my favorites come back for their weekly orders. I get lovely wedding wishes and the occasional tip for a job well done and that’s all I need to know that my customers are the best! Happy holidays!


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P.S. Truffle hiking in Italy offers a unique escape in your travels with the Emilia Delizia tour company. Discover gourmet foods, like truffles, and find what makes Italy, and its cuisine, so special!

instsastix_frige_porn_2P.S. Rememberize.me is a personalized printing service that allows you to print from Facebook or Instagram. Get your pack of nine 2 inch square magnets in just 3-5 business days and enjoy free US Shipping. New customers get 20% off with the coupon code newbiefiverr!

disneyfrozenelsaandannalightbluetopP.S. Kids Fashion is an online apparel and room decor store where you can buy Disney, Doctor Seuss, Calvin Klein, and more great brands. Get free shipping on all orders with the option to add on priority shipping. Find new items each week!

P.S. Muscle Building Guide for Beginners is an easy-to-read 66 page guide with 14 tips that can maximize your muscular growth. Purchase it as a PDF, ePUB, or print book and enjoy healthy tips to reshape your body!


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