Choose Your Own!


July seems a little dodgy on the holiday front, huh? Apparently my claim to fame that every day is a holiday isn’t quite accurate but for the most part we’ve been doing just fine. Today, in lieu of organized celebration, I am passing the job off to you! The real goal of this whole blogging adventure, besides providing fun content to liven up your day, is to encourage myself to find the little joys in life. Sure, it may be taking a goofy picture of a gummi worm or going out of my way to bake bread but I find that even though it can be a little bit of a time investment it really does help me to create special moments and capture them for reminders in the future. How about today you choose your own holiday and throw a little celebratory party for yourself? It doesn’t have to be much – mine, it seems, never really are – and just enjoy life! I declare today to be Happy National Solo Date Night in honor of my trek to the Pix this afternoon to watch The Fault in Our Stars. Everyone’s working or busy and that’s okay. I’m going to get Apple Pie in a Cup with ice cream and sit through a beautiful movie, solo, to celebrate!


ZOMBIE_PORTRAIT_smallP.S. Do you want today to be National Zombie Day? Have a talented artist design an undead portrait of you in celebration! Simply email  and get zombified. Plus, you’ll get a full color print signed by the artist!

Signature_Loan6P.S. Grigsby Furniture Direct brings cosmopolitan style to you with daily discounted warehouse items. You don’t need a credit check to buy and will receive a $100 credit simply by filling out their survey on the site! Find their commercials on Youtube! National New Furniture Day, anyone?

P.S. Maybe it’s National Pinch My Cheeks and Call Me Suzie Shopper Saver Day? Goobo Spot has free giftcards, Apple laptops, Samsung phones, and Apple iPhones! Shop and save!

johnP.S. John Montero is an experienced divorce and family law attorney in the Sacramento area. He’s compassionate with clients and aggressive in court to solve all of your divorce related issues. Celebrate Hire A Great Attorney Day!

amraplogoP.S. Make it National CrossFit Apparel Day! has a huge summer sale going on now so that you can stock up on all of your CrossFit gear and get down and dirty with your WODS. Plus, get free shipping.

startme_us_previewP.S. is a personal start page that can boost your productivity! Share, organize, and discover bookmarks, RSS feeds, notes, to-do lists, and more. Combine all of the perks of competitor products in one easy-to-use application! Maybe today is National Organization Day?


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