Happy National French Fries Day!


Potatoes are a breakfast food, right? It’s a super busy day for me today so I’m hopping on the holiday celebration early! Church right now, bridal shower this afternoon, and then our small group barbecue this evening! I’m looking forward to a full day of Christian fellowship to come! Be sure that you stop in a drive through for a fried treat today! Don’t you love easy holidays to celebrate?


P.S. Spunky Twins is a book series with fun loving songs meant to delight, inspire, and teach! It’s an ebook series designed for 7-12 year olds who like colorful adventures to pair with their reading. Find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

LavenderorganicP.S. Beck’s Bath and Body specializes in handmade fragrance and organic soaps. The soaps lather well and are great for sensitive skin! Try their organic lavender soap, it’s heavenly – featured here!

P.S. Emergency Windows in Michigan installs basement window escapes to improve the safety and preparedness of your home. With over a century of combined experience, they can ensure that the job is done right!

Shine_Old_PhotoP.S. Bid D Vapor is a family run vaporizer business that gives a portion of its profits to charity! They believe in doing good and selling cool products, like this one with real Swarovski crystals!


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