Happy National Don’t Step On a Bee Day!

photo (15)Hello!

Well, I didn’t step on a bee but it seems that throughout this week I’ve done nearly everything else – starting with this lovely bee sting right on my finger. I hadn’t been stung by a bee in over ten years! Eric and I were swimming the other day and life turned into slow motion as I saw this sad bee foundering on the water and floating towards me. It was the most uneventful collision as he bumped right into my outstretched hand and landed his darn stinger right into my finger! I, amazingly calmly, said, “I think I’ve been stung by a bee,” pulled the stinger out, and hopped out of the pool to ice it on a cold soda from the fridge. It didn’t hurt too bad and it took a whole day to start swelling. Now it’s barely visible and is only annoying to type on – oh the woes of my job. However, this was just the beginning.

The next morning I woke up with a gigantic bruise on my arm. I mean, black and blue and 2 inches across. I don’t know how in the world I managed that but oh boy does it hurt. Then, I slammed the edge of my knee into the leg of my mirror, which sits up on a ledge in my room, and you can be sure that’s also now bruised and scraped. I even woke up with the mother of all mosquito bites on the back of my leg which is so huge that it looks like a welt from an airsoft gun! You think I’m done? No, it’s been a killer week.

Last night Eric and I went out to play disc golf with a couple of his friends and it was fun – for about the first three rounds. As we were chasing after lost discs in blackberry vines and dense brush the mosquitoes were out for blood. We finished all eighteen holes as it was officially super dark and then we walked back to his car and tossed the discs in the trunk, with the keys. A full hour later my mom came to the rescue with the spare and I was so ready to charge home. Scrapes and scratches galore with 13 itchy bites on the top half of me alone! It’s been a rough week. Happy holidays?



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