Happy National Freebie Day!


Unfortunately, we don’t have a national holiday to celebrate today so we can just focus on celebrating for celebration’s sake! It seems like with all of the overlapping that holidays have (some days I choose between up to seven or ten holidays) that we would never have a full day without anything. Oh well! I’ll be back tomorrow. In the meantime check out some really cool stuff going on below.


P.S. Are you a bride prepping for the big day? My Wedding Checklist is a great, clean site that you can use to organize every single detail! Personalize it and use the cool stocked features to avoid turning into Bridezilla!

P.S. Want to win the lottery? Download this Lottery App that lets you save your favorite numbers! You decide if it’s a good number, with references from an updated tracked history of every game, and then save your favorites to try again.

237380_originalP.S. The Personal Injury Center Law Firm specializes in auto injury accidents. They have experience dealing with serious injuries including herniated discs, broken bones, internal bleeding, dislocation, hospitalization, and even death. Call (866)-536-9147 with any Qs.


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