Happy National Savor the Comic and Unplug the Drama Day!


I know that I have a really weird sense of humor… like really weird. I do this incredibly crazy thing where something totally obscure will strike me as funny and then I die of laughter. I won’t be able to breathe, my face freezes in this terribly ugly laughing face, tears stream out of my eyes, I keel over, and I can’t stop. Only my closest compatriots have witnessed it but it’s bad – seriously bad. It’ll be something really simple, too. As simple as reading the name of something tucked away on a shelf wrong to sound just slightly dirty in my head and then realizing how silly I am to even make the mistake in the first place. Last year on the band tour to San Fran I was laughing for a solid seven minutes on a public pier just from the way someone asked where the trash can was.  The worst was recently when I fell into a laughing fit while watching an interaction between two people in my conversation group who went from immediately lively and spunky to stone cold in an instant. All of these moments were special, and apparently funny, to me. I think it’s because I was somewhat removed from the situation. Like, sure, I was standing with the group, participating in the discussion, and listening to what was going on but in just a quick instant it’s like I’m pulled out of it, imagining what some crazy scenario would be like or catching the glimpse of a detail that no one else seems to notice. It’s the snap back into reality that catches me off guard and sets me off as I realize that I’m totally crazy and no one else will ever understand exactly what I just realized or experienced. Between gasps, clutches at my pained side, and a wipe at my teary eyes I can only muster, “It’s not actually funny” to anyone who wants to know what the heck is worth all of the laughter. They wouldn’t understand!

Today, as we jet off to a kajillion different appointments and obligations, remember to savor the comic – you – and just unplug the drama. Just live for yourself, laugh at everything, stop worrying about other opinions, and move on. If something strikes you as funny then throw your head back and give it its dues! Eventually the laughter pains will fade and the world will continue on as normal but you’ll have a silly memory to look back on with a smile, all for yourself! Happy holidays!


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