Happy National Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day!


Padre was at work so we had a mother-daughter take a walk day! My parents snatched up some cheap groupons for car detailing and this morning Mama Buchert and I drove over to drop off the cars and then walked back. We’ve been trying to walk 5 miles at least three times a week and get our butts off the couch. I keep telling myself that I need to fit in my wedding dress and then the ice cream and caramel syrup beckons… Today we made it 4 miles to go home and then 4 miles to go back. We even threw in some spurts of jogging in the middle! It’s an absolutely beautiful day, just a little warm for a good sweat! I hope that everyone has the chance to get out for a quick walk today and celebrate. Better yet, fathers take a walk with your daughters!


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