Happy World Kiss Day!


All around the world couples are puckering up and laying a smooch on someone that they love. I would like to imagine that for just this one day everyone would lay down their weapons and run home to kiss their wives, husbands, and children but I don’t think that’s going to happen. A kiss can make everything better – even the worst of wounds, it seems. I mean, even my day got a little bit better after this captured moment, staged or not.

Eric was gruuuumpy at church this morning after being woken far too early and drumming along to the same worship songs every week. The coffee wasn’t good and I made a snarky comment so it wasn’t a bright, sunny morning. However, just a little peck seemed to brighten things up. I got a kiss, he went off to work, I brought him lunch, and now we’re here – working away until I can kiss him again tonight. We have to practice for the wedding day, right? I mean, that momentous kiss is going to follow us in photos for the rest of our lives! Happy holidays!


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