Happy National Bikini Day!


Oh you know me, just playing in the sprinklers like a little kid! It’s nice and toasty outside today so I took a quick minute to cool off and let the sprinklers play double duty. My neighbors have a sweet in-ground pool but sadly they didn’t get back to me about a swim so I had to improvise here.,, You get the idea. If you’re oh-so-fortunate to be at a pool, near a warm ocean, or swimming in a lake be sure that you don your bikini today! It may be itsy bitsy and teeny weeny but it definitely is super cute!

Last summer I didn’t ever end up going swimming but this year will be different. We’re honeymooning in Florida so you can bet that we’ll end up at a beach or poolside at least once. I’ll be breaking out the sunscreen for sure! Happy holidays everybody, enjoy the sunshine!


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