Happy National Independence From Meat Day!

photo (12)Hello!

Every year the East Albany Lyons Clubs puts on the all you can eat Lumberjack Breakfast so the family got up this morning to get some grub. There’s honestly nothing better than mass cook-outs. The greasy grills full of bubbling eggs over easy and row upon row of steaming pancakes… YUM! It’s seriously the best breakfast and always a fun addition to Fourth of July festivities for sure!

I’ve never been a vegetarian, like possibly ever. I’ve never gone on weekly trendy kicks or been riled up to make a big change to what I eat because I know that I won’t stick with it – I just eat whatever is on my plate, including those beautiful, juicy sausage links with breakfast. I guess I just feel that while I choose to eat meat I’m not somehow tied into being a true carnivore. My independence from meat gives me the right to choose. Go ahead, have a veggie burger at today’s picnics and barbecues if that’s your prerogative! Happy holidays!


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