Happy National US Postage Stamp Day!



Between the save the dates and the wedding invitations we’ve given the post office quite a bit of money! Because the post office is going bankrupt they have to hike up their prices, which I understand, but it makes me not want to even send stuff in the mail! I mean, for half a second I even considered the super tacky wedding e-vites. Half a second only, though. At least they do offer pretty wedding stamps. If we’re paying seventy-and-some cents per envelope that’s the least they could do. Despite the shock to my credit card all of the invitations got sent out a few weeks ago and the RSVPs are slowly trickling back in to us. I guess that means the post office, and my stamps, are doing their jobs.

Here’s my holiday ‘fix the world’ solution that no one will like as much as I do: the USPS should close and be absorbed by the private mail enterprises so that the post men can continue working and then the higher up post office people should just control the sale and price of stamps. Sounds good to me. Although, I think we’ll have to work out the issue of defining cities because doesn’t the establishment of a post office designate the formation of municipality? Someone else will have to solve that problem I guess, I’ve done my part. Happy holidays!


P.S. GoCinchy is a new bookmark manager that will make your bookmarks visible! The tool is simple and easy to use while still offering effective services. Click the link and find out how to get in on the fun as a beta user!

P.S. SendOutCards is an online greeting card business where you can create real cards delivered by the USPS for around $1 per card. SendOutCards prints it, stuffs it, stamps it, and mails it. They’re changing lives one card at a time – perfect for National Stamp Day!

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logo-leftP.S. Bridgetown Physical Therapy serves the Portland, Oregon area and wants to educate all soccer fans on the importance of treating injuries! Enjoy the big US versus Belgium game today and remember that health is the top priority!


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