Happy National Leap Second Time Adjustment Day!


Did you feel that? Man, my internal clock is so screwed up now! I mean, it feels like 12:14:54 but it’s actually 12:14:55. Whoof! At least I remembered this year – last year I was totally taken off guard and was late to everything. I mean, how embarrassing?

I was telling Eric about the big holiday festivities today and he didn’t quite understand, “Leap for the second time?” Eh, close enough – I mumble. Happy holidays!


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00005]P.S. Lorna Stremcha has written a great new book, in print and eBook, called Lose the Baggage, Lose the Weight to help you live by your resolutions and actually see a change! Enjoy the new recipe for life.

P.S. For entertaining ramblings on everyday issues with the occasional rant thrown in, you’ve got to check out the Musings From a Tangled Mind blog!

logon_final_gold__CopyP.S. De Pablo Inc. is an online store located in Miami, Florida where you can outfit your entire wardrobe! Enjoy genuine leather sandals and high quality designs, you’ll feel it!

6_Pack_Wrap_Logo_Color_FinalP.S. 6 Pack Wrap is a weight loss wrap that can be worn under clothing. It’s a neutral color and is comfortable to use while working out, driving, or putting around the house. It helps drive weight loss along with a healthy diet!


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