Happy National America’s Kids Day!

photo (11)Hello!

This holiday is dedicated to reminding adults that we need to pass along those standard ‘American values’ to our children. Life, liberty, freedom, happiness, courage, democracy, peace, hope, aspiration, self-improvement, opportunity, and more. Some of those seem easy to discuss and are prevalent in our ordinary lives, or at least mine, but a couple on that list seem far away – especially peace and courage. With all of the war and destruction that we’re tangled up in and the constant threat of more dangerous relationships exploding there’s no question that our nation is in a tricky spot right now. We want everyone around the world to have the same American values that we’ve been blessed with but there seems to be no good way of doing it. I promise this isn’t turning into a political rant, I just feel that we need a little reminder. If we want to pass on these sentiments for our children we need to make sure that they still actually exist. Does everyone still have the opportunity to achieve the American dream? Will every child be encouraged to grow into their aspirations? Is every child in a safe, loving home where they have the freedom to be happy? These are the questions that we need to ask.


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