Happy National Great American Backyard Campout Day!

photo (10)Hello!

Today was a big nostalgia day with a full schedule of fun activities! This morning I went to Rachel’s bridal shower where the lovely bride to be was gifted upwards of 50 pairs of blush-worthy undies. It was great fun and I was so glad to help her with the festivities but I’m pretty sure I’d be more excited about a utensil set than a lace nighty. Different folks different strokes, right? Then this evening some alumni gathered at our director’s house for a social and rehearsal to get ready for the 30th anniversary choir festival! I remember my very first year of choir, when I was in fourth grade, I sang in the 20th anniversary festival. The math adds up but that’s still totally shocking to me! It was such a pleasure to reconnect with my best choir friend, Clair, and talk about how crazy things have been while we’re apart. There’s nothing better than that moment when someone says something stupid and we glance over to each other at the exact same moment and roll our eyes. I really missed that. In fact, I think she hates people just as much as I do! I’m looking forward to spending time with her again over the weekend and the beginning of next week.

Get to the point already, right? I know – less chatter, more holiday! The lawns at my house are big and beautiful and this open space in the back yard was prime for some good ol’ star gazing when I was a kid. We would set up the air mattresses and sleep outside overnight in our sleeping bags, no tents needed. I always hated having to sleep with my head inside the sleeping bag to keep the bugs and wet night air at bay but if we were to put a roof overhead we would lose the whole reason we were out there. Tonight, however the grass is soaking wet from the recent rains that have passed through and it’s quite chilly. I’m sitting inside, bundled up in a blanket, and there’s no way I would brave that weather right now. I promise I’ll hop back in the real celebration grind again soon but for now nostalgia will have to suffice. Happy holidays!


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