Happy National Decide to Be Married Day!

photo (9)Hello!

Remember last year when I pulled out the classic engagement fake out? Classic! Well, this year we actually have decided to be married, which is probably a good thing because the wedding is basically planned by now. The caterer, photographer, and florist are all booked and the invitations have been sent out so it’s good that the decision has been made. My mom made the joke when we first started down this windy road, just less than a year ago, that we better well be sure of ourselves because we aren’t getting another shot at this – one and done, she said. Well, I’m happy to report that we are darn sure and it’s looking like there’s no turning back anyway, even if we had wanted to. While this sentiment is a little scary to Eric, who wants to be able to roam free and have every opportunity available to him (knowing full well he won’t take them), I’m always ready to make a firm decision and stick with it.

I told Eric that I knew I was going to marry him almost exactly six months into our relationship. Something just clicked and I knew that we weren’t ever going to be apart. He, on the other hand, claims that he was sure at the moment he popped the big question, although he recently has pulled his timeline back to saying he was sure on the day he bought the ring. Tomato, Tomahto. All that matters now is we’ve decided and we’re exactly 50 days out from the big day! We even have Eric’s ring in hand, although no spoilers from the photo, and the order for mine is in the queue. So exciting!


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