Happy National Canoe Day!


Did my thirty second Photoshop job trick you? Actually, let’s not fool ourselves here – that’s some old-school Microsoft Paint action right there. That program is timeless because it lets you do just enough to get by but it’s also just terrible enough to make you hate your life and regret your decision to get artsy with it. I always tell all of my oboists, “Adjust the reed for you, don’t adjust yourself for the reed,” but in this case “Adjust your project for Paint, Paint will not adjust for you!”

Today, even if I owned a canoe, I wouldn’t have had any fun paddling around! The temperature screamed summer but the rain would not take a hint! With that beautiful combination we were left a super muggy, uncomfortably warm day; and on top of that, the rain was playing games with us, never totally committing to raining or not. It just drizzled that warm rain all day and was cloudy and sad. So no canoeing for me today – just a mock presentation of how cute and happy I would have looked if I did get out on the water! Did any of you canoe? Remember that there’s always a reason to celebrate, even if I don’t get to.


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