Happy National Celebration of the Senses Day!


I was so pleased with last year’s celebration that I’m playing the full repeat card. The only difference is I’m chopping the sixth sense this time around, even at the expense of symmetry. I’m currently writing this blog from the car and I only had time to snap the five photos before I had to jet. Oh well, if anyone has complaints you can take it up with my manager.

Today is fairly busy, compared to yesterday when I only left the house to take Eric somewhere. This morning I woke up ‘early’ and delivered some work, then Eric and I met with our friend Andrew to discuss catering for the rehearsal dinner and go over some logistics for that. It was nice to sit and gossip for a second and one more thing is getting checked off the wedding to-do list! After that Eric and I grabbed a quick lunch and then I dumped him at his apartment with some cleaning supplies to get it prepped for the official move-out. That’s already quite a bit of stuff for 3 PM… Well, in ‘summer time’.

What’s planned for the rest of the day? Well, I’m glad that you asked! Right now mums and I are on the way to an interesting gig… We’re auditioning to basically be hand models for toy demonstrations. Some people have a YouTube channel and are looking for new demonstrators. Crazy, right? I don’t know how we always end up with these whacky odd-jobs but I’m literally supporting myself with them! Last summer she answered a request from a young Indian guy who needed driving lessons and a car to use. She didn’t get murdered, he learned how to drive, and she made a couple bucks. She’s the master of discovering cool jobs on Craigslist! I’ll let you all know how that goes and hopefully I can add hand modeling to my resume.

Right now I’m smelling stale AC air, I’m listening to my mom sing along with Footloose on the radio, I’m touching my keyboard and touch screen tablet, I’m tasting the remnants of my slushi from a few minutes ago, and I see a slightly overcast, sweet summer day. Happy holidays everybody!


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