Happy National Let It Go Day!


Just one year ago this phrase was so different but the Frozen phenomenon has fully invaded our lives now. Seriously, though – I loved that movie! Eric, mom, and I saw it at the little vintage theatre, The Pix, downtown and enjoyed a bunch of real food from the concession stand while we watched. Of course, because the theatre is a little wacky, it was the Frozen sing along version so I was a little worried about the hordes of elementary aged children singing their hearts out. Lucky for me, they were well behaved and I could even sing along with the lyrics on screen. Super fun. Now this super catchy tune is always stuck in my head and I’m one of those people who snapchats a video of me lipsyncing and head banging to every one of my contacts! Yep, I’m one of those – I’m Frozen and ready to let it go! Happy holidays!


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