Happy National Stupid Guy Thing Day!

photo (7)Hello!

I know this isn’t universal but this is one stupid thing that my guy does! It shouldn’t bother me, and more than a forced eye roll it really doesn’t, but something about this habit kind of kills me. For whatever reason Eric has this terrible habit of only wearing his socks on the ends of his feet! Never in my life have I come across anyone else who does this – have you? When I have socks on my feet they’re on; not halfsies, not falling off onto the floor, not step on the ends and they’re pulled right off. Now, don’t get me wrong – my fiancé is great but if I have to choose for the holiday this is definitely his one stupid guy thing!

Ladies, today is your day to chat over coffee about everything that men do to drive you nuts! Then, after you’ve taken advantage of the freebie you can go home and give them a kiss, knowing that even the ‘stupid guy things’ that they do are another hidden reason that you love them. Happy holidays!


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