Happy World Handshake Day!

photo (6)Hello!

Last year I shook my own hand for the holiday but this time I have a celebratory partner in crime! Eric has officially moved into the Buchert mansion so he’s chilling here all the time. It’s so nice to have him around and now that we’re not stuck on a distinct schedule we can just hang out without having to make special plans. I just walked right over to him, said, “Shake my hand,” and snapped this pic. That’s how you get things done!

Pause, though – look how white I am! Our children might actually have a fighting chance against the sun if they get more of his skin pigment than mine. I’m absolutely albino and my skin is a lot closer to bubble gum pink than a lovely summer tan. You can be sure that I’m getting a spray tan this summer for the wedding and I’m not even embarrassed to say that. I’ll be tan by any means necessary. Happy holidays!


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