Happy National Flip Flop Day!

photo 2 (1)Hello!

Welcome to Old Navy, where the air is saturated with rubber and you can slip on a pair of cheap flip flops in any color you desire! I stopped in to take a picture while we were at the mall running a couple of errands because there’s no where else that screams National Flip Flop Day like that Old Navy! The funny thing is, it’s also National American Eagle Day! I gladly would have stopped in there too and grabbed a few things but Albany’s just a little too small to host the store. I could online shop though… Oh, that could be dangerous. Too many wallet busting holidays to celebrate so I’ll just have you guys celebrate for me!


gown_SNA020_bigP.S. Visit the Bridal Shoppe at the Pajama Shoppe for all your bridal lingerie and gifts! They feature peignoir sets and nightgowns by Jonquil and many other designers.

P.S. Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals has 110 fat burning recipes that are easy and quick to prepare while satisfying your whole family. 1 in 3 kids will develop diabetes – it’s time to take back our health!

bookcoverP.S. The Odyssey Chronicles Trilogy dares to take its readers from one side of the universe to the farthest-reaching known civilization – Planet Earth. Get your copy of the pre-release for free! Get info on Facebook and the book on Amazon!


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