Happy International Sushi Day!

Photo (4)Hello!

Yayyy – more food holidays! I actually really do love sushi and it’s always a fun dinner option. Tonight I convinced my mom to go out with me to a Japanese restaurant in North Albany, Momiji, with the promise that she could have something cooked while I try something a little more adventurous.

Although I do appreciate the food I’m one of those terrible people that the ‘real’ connoisseurs hate. Unfortunately, I’m that girl who really doesn’t mind just grabbing a carton of California rolls from the Safeway cooler and dousing them in soy sauce. What’s worse, I eat them with a fork! (You can see the evidence plain as day in that ‘after’ picture.) While part of the issue does lie in my inability to maneuver around my plate with chopsticks it’s usually more difficult to stuff those big sushi pieces in my mouth! There’s just too much good stuff stuffed in those pieces for me to scarf down in one bite. I cut them in half so that I get a bit of everything in each bite, toss on my favorite topping – that mouthwatering ginger, throw on just a touch of wasabi to make my nose run, and dunk the bottom bit of rice in a bit of soy sauce. I’m in heavenIf you hadn’t had dinner yet, or maybe you’re still hungry, go out and get some sushi to celebrate along with me. Happy holidays!


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