Happy National Eat Your Vegetables Day!

photo (3)Hello!

Mushrooms are vegetables, so I’m good right? Actually, I ate very well today in honor of the holiday! I like eating fruits and vegetables and even though it’s easier to run through a drive through and grab a hamburger I do really enjoy a good, healthy meal.

For breakfast Eric and I shared a box of blackberries with blueberry bagels and strawberry cream cheese. Then I downed a citrus-carrot juice to get some veggies in my morning. I spent the day babysitting my adorable flower girl again and we shared a plate of carrots along with our bowl of ramen at lunch time. I do like my carrots! I just scarfed down some left over pizza for dinner and am busy organizing all the stuff that I moved home with and am getting some more writing done. Additionally, my grandma just reminded me that the wedding website I put on our invitations is totally incomplete! I totally forgot about it until this reminder! I mean, it even has the wrong wedding date on it – ahhh!! And the website is having issues so I can’t even fix it… Yikes. In the meantime I’ll snack on a veggie plate and celebrate to keep me from biting my nails!


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