Happy Father’s Day!

photo (2)Hello!

No surprise for today’s holiday! It’s Father’s Day when we thank our papas for being there for us! My dad is great and I love the opportunity to showcase him on the blog when it’s relevant even though he claims that he doesn’t want to be a ‘celebrity’. What a guy – thanks dad!

Ignore the sweats and pony tail look today! I was in pit black all day to play for commencement so the minute I got home I changed into something more comfortable. Portland State University had the largest graduating class in Oregon’s history with more than 6,000 graduates! They had two separate commencement ceremonies filling up the entire Moda Center, previously known as the Rose Garden, and it’s crazy to see so many graduates in one place! We played Pomp and Circumstance for at least 25 minutes straight for a processional! Heavens knows that song will be in my head until August now. Every time we took the repeat we would improv something a little different: add a trill, change the octave, or arpeggiate something fun to switch things up! In the end I made a couple bucks as a paid musician and I got to spend some time with my best Portland friend on our last day together. It’s weird to think that we’re really done being in school together. … “Don’t worry, I’ll see you tomorrow.”


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