Happy World Juggling Day!


I am not a juggler… Not at all! I can most certainly cross circus entertainer off my occupations list because though this still-picture looks mildly promising rest assured that I caught nothing. I suppose that I could blame my juggling materials on my misfortune (some wooden snow men that belong in a tic-tac-toe kit) but others are tossing around chainsaws so I know that’s not really much of an excuse. Major shout-out to all of the people around the world who actually can juggle while I just make a fool out of myself.

On a totally unrelated note, we got all of the wedding invitations finished tonight – yay! We had a great little group come over and knocked it out of the park. It’s so exciting to see even more little details come together!


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loveP.S. Two Girls and a Container is a beautiful store based in Sydney, Australia and they’re selling LED marquee lights, like the one to the right! Imagine how charming this will look hanging in your home! Also made to order!

P.S. ApiHappi sells cool products to support Sri Lankan Handloomers. The Handloom is a manual machine used by women in rural Sri Lanka to produce authentic material and they take that material, add creative designs, and sell them all over the world.

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