Happy National Banana Split Day!

photo (1)Hello!

I’m seriously tired today! The sun never really came out and I feel like I never quite woke up. The yawns really got to me! I had a great afternoon babysitting my favorite little girl. She’s actually so much my favorite that she’s our flower girl! We made a lot of crafts, including a kajillion car drawings for Father’s Day, and we played restaurant. That little conman stole all of my money and charged me $100 million for lunch! Then she would say, “And if you pay me $45 million dollars now then you get 35 million lunches free. Well, not free – you still owe me $1 each.” Somehow she talked me into it and she collected a lot of fake money from me! Haha. It was super fun and I love spending time with her.

Next up is my friend’s birthday party with this banana split sundae intermission. As I was pulling the birthday cake out of the freezer dad was yelling, “Aren’t you supposed to be on a diet?” from the living room which I countered with, “No, I said I’m supposed to be on a diet but unfortunately that’s not actually happening!” Happy holidays!


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