Happy National Loving Day!


I can honestly say that I am not loving today. It’s just been seriously rough. (I even got a migraine this evening while working on invitations and was nearly blind with fuzzy, shifting vision! Yuck!) You would think that I would be clicking my heels and shouting when I ran in the door today, knowing that I finished all of my finals at PSU for this school year! But for some reason I feel like this was such a pfft/shrug shoulders accomplishment and we have bigger things on the horizon. I’m definitely not worried about my grades – I stress about nothing and then I get A’s, that’s just the usual routine… I’m mostly anxious about things that I feel like I can’t control: getting a good turn out for the community oboe camp I’m planning, finding a wedding band that fits my oddly shaped engagement ring, continuing to get Fiverr sales, and finding a place to live next year. It might seem that I have a lot of control over those kinds of things but it feels exactly the opposite.

Today Eric took work off and came up to Portland with me solely to look at an apartment that we were sure was the one. I did a lot of innovative searching and found a fantastic opportunity off of the beaten path, really close to campus, that totally fit into our price range. The hour approached and we went to meeting location to get a walk-through with the apartment connection and 45 minutes later she was still no where to be seen. Begrudgingly we left and on the ride back, sitting through loads and loads of painstaking traffic in rush hour, we got a message that not only did she forget but she had also already filled the vacancy! Great – back to square one. That ‘progress’ thing… At what point do we start making it? I guess that I started out loving today but apparently it isn’t loving me.


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