Happy National Nachos Day!


I love these food holidays! Finally some super easy celebration that you guys can actually join me in! Even though I say it I don’t really expect you to find a parade or yell fudge at a cobra… I know I’m weirdly dedicated to this project and even my number one fans don’t step up and do stuff with me! Oh the woes of being a solitary blogger when even your mother and fiance roll your eyes at you. “Oh, you need to do your blog again?” “Yup… Every day!”

I stuffed my face today with a big ol’ plate of nachos from Del Taco and I feel a little regretful about it! I’ve been eating so terribly and this just added to the list. In fact, last night I told Eric I was hungry so we went through McDonalds to get me a single cheeseburger and just chat while we walked around the high school track. We pulled up to the menu and Eric talked us into a gigantic two person meal deal with a cheeseburger, fries, and nuggets. Did we even get out of the car? – No! We just sat in the parking lot and scarfed nasty fast food like fatties. So much for fitting in that wedding dress! Happy holidays?


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