Happy National Donald Duck Day!


I don’t know about you guys but today has been a seriously long day. I woke up early and went through the usual morning process while also getting laundry done, practicing the piano, communicating with buyers on Fiverr, and putting together a tester invitation. Then I rushed into the car and drove more than an hour up to Portland for finals… Got a cup of coffee with Nick, wrote some articles, and took my tests. It’s a little silly to think I drove for 2.5 hours today for 30 minutes worth of finals combined! Oh, well – I did it. Then I got home, did more writing, had dinner, went for a 5 mile walk with mom, and am sitting here doing this. … When did life get so complicated? I am turning everything off for the rest of the night and just sitting with a bowl of cereal to watch my Saturday morning cartoons! It’s time to make life simple and pare things down and just enjoy some good cartoons with our favorite duck. Happy holidays!


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